Monday, February 14, 2011

Haters gona hate..

Anonymous asked: You are an attractive girl. You don't have to be gay. Why are you messing your life up by being lesbian?

Me: okay, first of all, thankyou very much!
second.. I know who I am and what I’ve got.. I may sound a little narcissistic but I do think that I’m very attractive..
What do you know about my life? Why do you say that I’m messing up my life by being a lesbian.. if I’m like one of the happiest people walking on this earth!
Thankyou for your concern, I hope you get that being gay is not a choice, it’s how we’re born.. and I’m very happy and proud about myself and my sexual orientation
Happy valentines day :)

Anonymous asked: You have no right to have a Valentine. Because you're gay. You will live and die alone.

Me: Really? Oh well.. thank God I enjoy very much my own company :)

Anonymous asked: These young gay people who killed themselves weren't murdered. They comitted suicide because they wanted to. No one forced them, it was their own decision. They simply didn't get along with their disability (=being gay) and weren't strong enough to fight it. It was necessary. We don't need weak gay people in this world.

No, they weren’t murdered, but they were pushed to the edge by IGNORANT, IMMATURE, MORONIC people LIKE YOU.. and Im getting tired of answering this anons.. please next time dont be such a pussy and dont send me an anon..
and we dont need hater, ignorant, self centered, stupid people in the world.

Anonymous asked: I am sorry to inform you that your gay experiment won't have a future. Please try to understand this. It was fun for a while, like watching weird looking animals in a zoo, but only as long as you were hiding and not showing your affection to the same sex in public. Years ago, homosexuality was merely the base for novels or movies. But now that you are demanding equal rights, we straight people have to face a real problem. You are naughty and greedy. You have overdone things. And because you demand too much, you won't get anything.
There can be a feeling of profound friendship between two members of the same sex, yes, but never love. Never ever. You can be friends with another girl. But you can never ever love another girl. That's not possible. There is a reason why two sexes (male and female) exist.
I have to say that you don't understand what you and your fellow homosexuals are trying to do. You want to question what we straight people value: marriage between a man and a woman, adoption rights, sociall/tax benefits for husband and wife, the safety a normal family can provide for their children and many other things.I want to say that I will use every legal measure to keep off homosexual people from having equal rights.There isn't an endless amount of human rights available, we have to deploy our resources carefully and wisely.Eventually you will understand this one day.It is unbelievable how you, the LGBTQ people think that your sexual orientation could ever be socially accepted. It is such a miscalculation to assume that you would ever be equal. You can never expect that. Never ever. I will take every legal measure to fight you, I will try to avoid contact with you in real life. I don't want to be touched by you (e.g. by shaking hands), I don't want to sit next to you in a bus, I don't want you in or near my family. I might have already met gay people, that's why we need some sort of worlwide database where all the LGBTQ people are listed. So that we normal (=straight) people can avoid you.There are things in the world that are just not okay. Being gay is one of them. I would love to be able to avoid you, but even in my peaceful, normal city there was a "Pride" this summer, a LGBTQ march for equal rights. How dare you to claim that homosexuality is normal.
Most straight people don't show openly their aversion for you, but that doesn't mean that they approve your lifestyle. Straight people might not beat you up, they might even talk and smile to you, but only on the outside. On the inside they wait until the laws that protect you will become invalid and then...dare you.If you can't conform to our (straight) society, you won't be a part of our society.We will get rid of the gays. One way or another.We can't allow gay people to go for their sexual orientation. If everyone did what gays do, the world would turn into chaos. Even to imagine how two girls/two guys make out is unbearably disgusting.As soon as scientists will find the "gay gene", there won't be any gay babies anymore in this world. Then we can get rid of the gays from the very beginning.LGBTQ people won't have a future, that's why they should become normal immediately.And because only 2-3% of all people are gay, we can abandon them. The world population is already large enough, why should we keep the gays alive?It isn't anything personal, it's just a job.Please try to understand that this is necessary.
-smartypants (

Me: Hi smartypants, I do have a few things to say to you, dearest!
1. Being gay is not an experiment, being bullied is not an experiment, being mistreated is not an experiment.. we’re not masochists, speaking for myself — I love myself, and I’d never do anything to hurt me physically or emotionally.
2. I’m so sorry that PDA bothers you so bad, I find it bothering too when I see a homosexual/heterosexual couple going to second base in public, I truly believe that hormones can be controlled, specially in lesbian couples, there’s no penis involved sooo we both can think a lot more than men. YAY, kudos for us :). Then again, if I see a couple touching each other heavily I just turn around and walk away. I don’t wanna see, I do not see. That’s the key for getting a quiet, peace of mind, you should try it.
3. What is “too much” for you? Being able to get married wherever, like you straight people do? Being able to serve our country without lying about who we like? I think this is honorable, and FYI have you seen how Prop 8 got overturned in various states now? Read a little, inform yourself, ‘cause we’re going for the world. We’re going to make the “Gay” in Gay Rights disappear.
4. Do you know what love is, darling? Do you love your dad? Your mom? YOU DO? OMFG INCEST! BAHAHAHA Love is not only about partners, it is also about friendship and family. I lvoe each and every single one of my (guys and girls) friends, and my brother, sister, mom, and dad. I feel really, really sad for you if you do not know what love really means, like really, trust me dude, I’m here just talk to me and I will listen and maybe with a few years of friendship I will love you (as a friend) :). What makes the difference between who I love, and who I date is who I’m attracted to, I’m attracted to women, so I date women! Make your research, gosh, I love this topic but explaining this things to people make me feel like I’m explaining to a baby in kindergarden!
5. The reason why 2 sexes exist is because we need to procreate to maintain the human race alive! SEX is for a man and a woman.. semen and ovule..! Yes? Get it?
6. What you straight people? Excuse me! But I know a lot of straight people and they value far more than that mere old school way of looking at things! Thank God, not much of a smartypants for you.. like, really, this is 2011, don’t stay back, keep up with the whole world, honey!
a) marriage between a man and a woman
What makes marriage between a man and a woman so special? That one has a penis and the other a vagina? I don’t get it.. The real awesome thing of a marriage is the unification of 2 people who love each other!! No matter if it is man/woman, mam/man, woman/woman, trans/man, trans/woman, 4 women/1 man, 4 men/1 women, catholic/jew, black/white, european/latino.. WHATEVER!
b) adoption rights
You do value adoption? Then how come there are MANY kids that NEVER leave the adoption house? Like, really.. Thank God same sex adoption is allowed in many countries :)
c) sociall/tax benefits for husband and wife
huh? yeah ok.. whatever you say, HA!
d) the safety a normal family can provide for their children
Safety? Have you seen the news recently? WHAT? Gay boy mistreated a straight boy psychologically and physically so bad that the poor straight boy had to kill himself!.. Read the news, ONE MORE TIME! Straight, red neck haters is what keeps YOUR neighborhood unsafe, starting with YOU, my friend.
e) and many other things.
Gimme more, I have a say in everything!
7. Try every legal measure you like, the fact is that the world is evolving, and little by little we’ll have our equal rights, and we’ll haunt you down! Not really.. :)
8. Socially accepted? Umm.. Look around! You live inside a tiny bubble dont you? GOD! Im starting to repeat things over, and over again here..! PLEASE DONT AVOID ME MISTER, PLEASE :’(.. PFF hahaha. Do whatever you want, for all I care, I’m not gonna cry to my mommy, or to my girlfriend.. :) And trust me, nobody will ever fight for your love, nobody cares about your opinions with all this hate you have inside of you.
9. Worldwide DATABASE? Oh wow.. do you know how MORONIC you just sounded? Freaking neo nazi.. you people really surprise me, Im going to make a webcast about this later in the day, congratulations! You’ve won yourself the topic for today’s webcast: Ignorance and Morons, how do these 2 words relate each other. Really, for all I care you can insert a chip inside of me, I wont change who I am, I’m really proud of it.. It took me a while to accept myself, and you, mister, are a moron. with all due respect.
10. Pride? HOW COOL IS THAT! I’ve always wanted to attend to one of those!! Hmm maybe Ill attend this year in New York :)
11. Oh, and its funny how everytime you type straight you immediately write down normal.. like if you were putting labels upon yourself.. HA! hehehehehehe.
12. Do not talk about straight people in general. The majority of my closes friends are straight, my whole family is straight. And they love, support, hang, give a hand, advice, have fun with, ask advice to GAY PEOPLE, like me YAY! I love evolved and really smart heterosexuals :)
13. If you can’t conform to a loving society, you won’t live past 2012.. Yes, thats a threat :O
14. So you are accepting that gay is in our genes. Good, you’re less than halfway there to growing a brain! Kudos, keep it up!
15. And, once again, read the news.. 2-3% is not even close to the real number :)
16. “Why should we keep gays alive?” Wow, you keep doin’ it. I’m very surprised once again.. I don’t even know how to respond to this, im like shocked.. this immensity of ignorance, hate, discrimination, self-centered shit is too much for me.. A very LOW level of intelligence you got there, hon.
17. Just a job? What’s your job? APOCALYPSE NOW ENTERPRISES? AGAINST EVOLUTION COMMERCE? Do you run a webpage about straight, moronic rednecks? I really want to know what your job is. Hate, Inc.? hmm
Please grow a brain, heart, and imagination.. ‘cause what Karma is preparing for you.. whoaaaaaa hehe.. todloo

Anonymous asked: I'm not hiding. The only reason that I don't have a tumblr is that it has been deleted when I started telling the truth about gay people: that you are disgusting and abnormal.
My name is Sophie Miriam Herold, I'm a 21-year-old female undergraduate student from Germany. You also know me as smartypants. You can contact me by sending a message to:
I am not hiding. I'm not afraid of you gay people. I will fight you as long as I can.
I know that by putting me out there I will be harassed and threatened. That is the price I have to pay for telling the truth about gay people. But I am not afraid of being physically harmed or killed. You may break my bones, but you can't change the facts: that homosexuality is abnormal and disgusting.

Me: Rihanna fan? “Sticks and stones may brake my bones” hahah I love that song too.. Rihanna is so freaking HAWT!
Keep your truth to yourself and stop sending HATE messages.. I do not want to contact you, and I hope that you re-read all you have sent to all of us and say.. Gosh am I dumb, I do not even know what I’m talking about.. ‘cause the fact is, darling, that you do not know. This is my last reply to you.
Peace out.


  1. Sophie herold isn't worth the time of a rabid wolf

  2. I am deeply ashamed that a fellow German would spread such a BS on a rather delicate topic. Apart from those admitting to belong to the LGBT a case study a few years back stated that approximately 98% of the human population have bisexual tendencies.
    My guess is that she once felt strongly for another girl and searched for lesbian sex on the net, found something disgusting (no wonder when dealing with porn...) and started thinking that even feeling something like love for the own gender is wrong.

  3. a middle finger solute to Sophie Miriam Herold....congratulation babes you just got the oscar for homophobic of the year...go die...

  4. I can't believe the nerve of this idiot. Homophobics are the number one in my blacklist.This list of 17 points will be in my mind forever!! :)

  5. What a dick head? My Great Spirit cannot be the same as her God. I don't think I can love a creator who's so rude. I'll pray for her. I mean, ya never know. Maybe she just needs a hug and a cookie. Either way, this bitch needs to calm THE fuck down.

  6. Thanks for this lovely blog and these lines.

  7. Crap like this makes me ashamed to be straight. How dare she lump all straight people together. She doesn't speak for me.
    I for one don't give a rats arse about anyone's sexual orientation. I wholeheartedly support the rights of gay people to marry, adopt, raise children, own property together... any right I have, everyone should have.
    I do NOT have the right to pile such vitriol on another simply because they have a different sexual orientation to me. Shit, I have met girls I've fancied, and fancied quite hard! If the right lady came along, who knows what could have happened. But a man came along and that was that. So be it.
    Frankly, I have more important things to worry about in my life than whether the person sitting next to me on the bus or in university is gay. Like, are they a decent person? Are they loyal, kind, funny, generous, likely to share lecture notes...
    This delightful pinheaded troll needs a little of the ol' lead cure. She would do everyone a huge favour if she just pissed off and quietly died somewhere.
    Am I angry? Yes, fuck yes I'm angry! Angry for all my gay friends that they have to put up with this crap every fucking day. And angry that this prick claims to speak for straight people.

  8. Yeah it's funny how she's speaking for all straight people. I don't care who you love. It's not my place to tell you otherwise, and I wouldn't. Because I don't live in a fucking bubble. Lots of my friends are gay, I for one am Bisexual. This chick is just unbelievable.

  9. Sophie M Herold, can you say closet homosexual afraid of her own feelings...

  10. uhm, can I just say there are over 30 species within which homosexuality is present, and only one within which there are homophobes, can we think about which one is abnormal, wrong, and disgusting now?

  11. I love this, okay? Best comebacks ever.

  12. Hello, I would just like to shake your hand for being able to stand up for yourself, and against Sophie Miriam Herold, no less! I would like to tell you that we, the people of Tumblr, FULLY SUPPORT YOUR RIGHTS. Thank you for standing up to this hater and may you have a FANTASTIC life!
    Thank you so, so much.
    Always, Althea. :)

  13. Sophie Miriam Herold has said she's not afraid to be killed. That puts her ahead of all the LGBTQIA people she constantly harrases. Tjsi might make mee as bad as her, but since she's not afraid of dying, someone go get a shotgun and do it.

  14. I wish I could find that bitch and burn her alive for the shit she's done.

  15. Man, you sure taught her a lesson! Great job! :>

    I myself, am a lesbian. And I'll gladly fight with all of you, and fend off this lil' bag of twatskin. And may I just say.

    OhmyGodeveryoneinthesecommentsaresuchsweetbbiesomfgIloveyouall. ♥

  16. I just want to add - gay people have been on earth since the beginning of human beings. When the European invasion of America occurred, there was no such thing as monogamous marriage in the Americas. Many First Nations accepted trans people and gay people, and it's true that many didn't, altho it's also true that bisexuality was prevalent amongst most pre-judeo-xstian/moslem/fundamentalist cultures. The historical truth is that monogamous, heterosexual marriage is relatively new in human history. Bisexuality was an accepted part of ancient Greek and Roman societies - even amongst ancient German tribes, homosexual activity was allowed, so it's nothing new. In fact, anthropologically speaking, bisexuals populated this planet - in many ancient, tribal cultures the genders lived and worked separately, and only came together during certain ritualized time periods, and of course they had sex amongst themselves when the genders were separate, and with the other genders when they were together. There are 5 billion people in the world - if i were the Goddess, i'd send as many exclusively homosexual people to earth as i possibly could, to slow the over burgeoning human population. The Christo-Euro and Muslim invasions of the world, that enforced strict monogamous, heterosexuality on everybody has brought us to the brink of ecological collapse. Heterosexual behavior, looked at in the long historical and anthropological view, could easily be seen as abnormal behavior that has done great harm to our world. Also, I simply think Miriam was born lesbian - many of her comments about having to fight your genetic proclivities, as well as her outsized rage, point to the fact that she is a self-loathing gay person, who wants to take her frustrations and suppressed pent-up sexual and psychic drives out on self-accepting LGBT people, whom she's obviously very jealous of.

  17. I am so fucking sorry that people are suck ass holes who cry like fucking 5 year olds when they dont get what they want. I am straight, and Id like you to know that not all straight people are assholes like these little fucks. They make us look bad. Not only do they make hedrosexuals look bad- but they also make the human race look fucked up as well. Ignore these selfish little cunts and continue your life and be happy and do as you want :) Fuck the bitch cakes that disagree and cause trouble. They say gays cause trouble- but they are just being themselves and not letting people boss them around. They are equal. And its not them who are causeing trouble. its the haters. I hope they go to hell and get raped by satain. Have a nice day, and a vary good life, and dont give a shit what other cunt-cake judgemental fucks say about you or anyone else. They need to worry about their own butt-hurt ass.


  18. Sophie, people like you are what we need to get rid off, I'm straight myself but I'm not a fucking simple minded waste of space like you. Since you believe all LGBTQ+ members are what you say, I have a feeling you yourself are not as straight as displayed and that sadly you where brought up in a fucked up family who portrayed being different as bad and as a result you squash the part of you that may feel as what you deem as 'inhumane', also trying to hurt those who are part of the LGBTQ+ community in order for you too feel 'stronger', and, 'Straight'

  19. Sad. I hope someone educated her eventually. And if she tried to hurt anyone, I hope she learned that having such a bad disability like being gay (she seems like the person to call someone with an actual disability the r-word) doesn't stop you from packing a punch. She sounds quite mislead though, maybe even softly brainwashed so I truly hope she was guided later in life down a more.... Excepting path.


  20. I just can't understand why people like this can't say, think and do such horrible things about LGBTQ, seriosly an then she things she talks for all of us heterosexuals, thats what's I call a moron.
    And now they are saying she's back.